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aparadhbichitra Published from Dhaka  Monthly Ananda-aloPublished from Dhaka. 20111126054659[1] Published from Dhaka.
 20130618124915[1]Published from Kolkata  shatorupaPublished from Dhaka.  Weekly AajkalPublished from Canada
Bangladesher Khela Published from Dhaka. The Daily Al Ihsan Published from Dhaka. Kalio Kalam Published from Dhaka.
Srishti Sandhan Published from Kolkata Computer Barta Published from Dhaka. Doshdik Published from Dhaka.
Shwardi Published from Dhaka. Weekly Bangladesh Published from London Asmania Published from Kolkata
Bibek Barta Published from Dhaka. HolidayPublished from Dhaka. Shat Bela Published from Dhaka.
Boichitra Published from Dhaka. Onnya Somoy Published from Dhaka.  Computer Jagat Published from Dhaka.
20111126090732[1] Published from Bangladesh Monitor Published from Dhaka. Tech Zoom 24 Published from Dhaka.
Career Intelligence Published from Dhaka.  20111129090309[1]Published from Weekly Bangalee Published from New York
Saptaha Published from Kolkata  20111126072002[1]Published from Dhaka CourierPublished from Dhaka.
Scanvasonline Published from Dhaka  Bartaman SanglapPublished from Dhaka nishorga Published from Dhaka
20111126113138[1]Published from Dhaka  20130507054858[1]Published from golpokobita Published from Dhaka
20130507055012[1] Published from Dhaka deshebideshe Published from Dhaka thebengalitimes Published from Dhaka
Saptaha Published from Comila bangla-sanglap Published from London  First NewsPublished from Dhaka

20130509102617[1] 20111126033239[1] 20120828081951[1]
20130601095903[1] 20130522123835[1] 20130618012837[1]
20130608121604[1] 20130617114535[1] 20130604081310[1]
20130614052130[1] 20111126065619[1] 20130608030838[1]
20111127053519[1] 20111128080452[1] 20111129100305[1]
20111204071237[1] 20111204071322[1] 20111130030903[1]
20111208043714[1] 20130503031053[1] 20111210092025[1]
20130504054358[1] images[1] Somoy-News-TV-Channel-Bangladesh-logo1-300x155[1]
logo[1] 20111201082006[1] 20111130032044[1]
banknewslogosmall[1] 20130618013035[1] 20130504052108[1]
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20130610102944[1] 20111128080849[1] 20111126041420[1]

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